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Nightjar Safaris Thorne And Hatfield Moors

  • East Yorkshire

Join us on a safari with a difference as we go on the search for the incredible elusive 'Nightjar'.

This nocturnal bird is famed for its churring love call and aerobatic courtship dance. Nightjars have made the North Yorkshire’s forests and Thorne and Hatfield Moors their key summer stronghold in northern Britain.

The managment of both areas creates key habitat for Nightjars with heath and open woodland clearings. these areas provide an ideal ground nesting environment, offering shelter and insect life to feed on.

Nightjars migrate to Britain from Africa and return thereafter rearing their chicks. They arrive in the north of England in May and leave in early September. 

on these evenings we start the walk approximately one hour before dusk. This gives us the opportunity to search for other birds such as Tree Pipit, Woodcock, Turtle Dove and Woodlark. On booking you will receive information on where we will meet and details regarding the Nightjar safari.

The meeting area will be within 30 minutes drive from Doncaster. But the precise place may change from year to year depending on where is best to see the Nightjars and we dont know this until they arrive back from Africa in May.

Nightjar Safaris Thorne and Hatfield Moors

Richard Baines Richard is an experienced ornithologist/ecologist who has been studying and working as a Wildlife Guide and in Nature Conservation for over 30 years. From recording UK migrant birds as a volunteer for Flamborough Bird Observatory to monitoring Siberian migrants in China; he has become highly… Read More »

Date & Time Duration Location Type Price Availability
Fri 31st May - 8.00pm 2.5 hours Thorne and Hatfield Group £35 5 Places remaining
Fri 21st Jun - 8.00pm 2.5 hours Thorne and Hatfield Group £35 9 Places remaining
Fri 12th Jul - 8.00pm 2.5 hours Thorne and Hatfield Group £35 10 Places remaining